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Firm mattress, medium mattress or soft mattress? Which is right for me?
This is a complex question, but the following suggestions may help:

If you are slim, a bed with a softer feel mattress might be more suitable. Look for a bed with a mattress topped with Latex or Memory Foam.

Aching joints sufferers might find a divan with a Memory Foam mattress helps. Memory Foam moulds to the shape of your body and offers variable support. Memory Foam stimulates the circulation and can, therefore, feel a little warmer than other mattress fillings. Latex also gives your mattress a softer feel.

Where there is a distinct difference in the size and weight of partners, pocket springing could be a good choice. There are many springs in the average pocketed mattress giving each partner individual support. Silentnight’s Miracoil spring system is also designed to cope with partners of differing weight.

Memory Foam
The history of Memory Foam starts in the 1970’s, when NASA produced a foam for use in their space program. However, domestic users did not gain advantage of this product until the 1990’s. Fortunately, the benefits of Memory Foam was noticed by the medical world. They discovered Memory Foam reacted well to temperature and also worked well under pressure. As more physicians began to become more aware of the benefits, so they started to recommend Memory Foam to their patients.

Of course, there are many Memory Foam products on the market. Silentnight, being the UK’s leading bed and mattress manufacturer, have spent much time and money to develop a range of high quality products combining their famous Miracoil Spring System and Memory Foam. This usually takes the form of a layer of Memory Foam fitted on top of their Miracoil Spring System.

So why choose Memory Foam?
It is soft and readily moulds itself to the contours of your body, providing support for the whole body. It also has a sensation of warmth, helping to creating that cosy feel, so important to a good night’s sleep.

Latex is another useful product for bed manufacturers. Latex allows the mattress to match entirely to the contours of your body and gives excellent back support and comfort. When combined with Silentnight’s Miracoil Spring System, you gain the advantage of allowing partners of differing weight and build to gain a good night’s sleep.

So why choose Latex?

Like Memory Foam, it is soft and readily moulds itself to the contours of your body. It is probably a little cooler than Memory Foam and comes with the advantage of being Hypo Allergenic. So, Asthma sufferers may benefit from choosing a Latex mattress as it limits the growth of bacteria, fungi & dust mites.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses
Each precision-made coil is wrapped in its own individual cloth sleeve, holding the spring at exactly the right tension and allowing it to move independently. This means each spring is poised to adjust and respond to every movement you make. Manufacturers make a range of mattresses with differing amounts of pocketed springs. Where possible buy a mattress with as high spring count as you can afford. Manufacturers devise the right spring and filling combinations, so you have a large choice of different comforts to choose from. Please read our detailed descriptions of all our products to help you choose.

How many pocket springs in a mattress?
On all of our pocketed sprung mattresses, we indicate the amount of springs each mattress contains. It is accepted in the bedding industry the amount of pocketed springs quoted relates to a 5’0 mattress. It follows, therefore, that 3’0 and 4’6 mattresses will contain fewer springs because of the smaller area and 6’0 mattresses will contain more springs because of the larger area. However, the spring count per square foot remains constant.

Back Pain
If you are unfortunate to suffer from back pain, a firmer mattress might be applicable, but do ensure it sits on a good quality divan base. However, a softer mattress on a solid divan base maybe a more suitable option.

There are certain exercises designed to assist back pain. A visit to a well qualified physiotherapist, coupled with a well chosen bed could make the time spent in your bed more beneficial.

A sprung base will give the divan bed a softer feel. Solid top bases and bedsteads will give a firmer feel.

Most of us will probably find a medium feel mattress/divan will be suitable.

The Sleep Council have an excellent website which is worth a visit.

Taken with permission from a paper prepared by Robert Wood MCSP (Chartered Physiotherapist) with help from the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre.
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