Divan Drawers

Which divan drawers are best?

Underbed storage drawers, also called divan drawers can help you maximise the space in your bedroom. The space in your divan base can be a handy a storage, but what’s wort considering is the design options available in divan beds, as this type of beds tend to look heavier in the room. Here we will focus on the storage functionality and show you what standard divan drawer options you can choose from. 

Do divan beds have drawers?

There are versions of divan beds with or without drawers. Divan beds can come with a different number of drawers in different configurations, as listed below.


Types of divan drawers

  • two drawers on the sides
  • four full side drawers
  • four drawers continental
  • one end drawer

Here you will find a selection of divan drawer options to meet your needs.

Divan Bed with 2 Storage Drawers

Divan Base with 4 Drawers

Divan with two drawers at the end and one on each side

Divan Base with two large under bed drawers


What are continental drawers?

Continental drawers system includes two full drawers at the end of the bed and two narrower drawers at the top of the bed. It’s suitable for a bedroom where you have bedside cabinets and you wouldn’t be able to pull out a wider drawer. 

Divan Bed with 2 Continental Drawers

How to maximise underbed storage?

The most common option is four full drawers, it provides the largest amount of storage under the bed.


Divan Base with 4 Drawers

Is the end drawer better?

The end drawer option can be very useful where space on the sides of your bed is limited, but you are able to access the drawer at the end of the bed. This configuration usually uses one wider drawer installed at the end of the bed. 


Divan Bed with 1 End Drawer 

Do I need divan drawers at all?

Finally there is, of course, the no drawer option. If you don’t struggle for storage space in your home or the design of a divan bed with drawers won’t match your bedroom, you can go for a divan without drawers or you can consider a bedstead. 


What’s the maximum load for a divan drawer?

We know that divan drawers provide excellent storage under the bed and it’s tempting to fill them up to the limits. But it’s important not to overload them, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions on  the heaviest load the drawer can take. Otherwise you risk the bottom of the drawer falling out or even the drawer getting stuck. 


Can I have a divan drawer in a bedstead? 

Bedsteads do not have a divan drawer option. However, it is possible to use storage boxes. They often come with castors which makes it easy to slide them under the bed.

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