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Choosing the Right Mattress

Mattress buying tips

What to consider when buying a new mattress

When choosing the right mattress for you consider: the springing, filling, foams and the top surface of the mattress as well as it’s size. 


Sprung mattresses differences

Open coil mattress

The main advantage of open coil mattresses is their inexpensive price. However, lower price doesn’t necessarily mean a compromise on quality. Its main advantage is that it supports weight really well and is suitable for partners of differing weight allowing both to sleep comfortably. 


Pocket spring mattresses 

As the name suggests, pocket spring mattresses have each spring wrapped in a separate tube-like pocket. Each spring can adjust to pressure and your movements. 


Matching the mattress to the base

If you are just furnishing your bedroom, it’s better to buy the mattress and the base together in a set. Not only will they fit, but also you will get matching designs. If you want to add more comfort to your bed, consider a sprung divan base, this will provide a soft feel. On the other hand. If you prefer to sleep on a harder surface, go for a solid base, your mattress will feel firmer then. 

If you are getting a new mattress for an old base, always measure both. Don’t just rely on ‘king size’ or ‘queen size’ terminology, as the dimensions may vary and you will find yourself with a mattress which doesn’t fit. 


What size of mattress do I need?

Well, go for the largest size you can fit in your bedroom, that’s the first tip. But you also need to consider your body type and height. 

Your height and the mattress size

Your mattress needs to be at least 6 inches longer than your height for you to feel comfortable. 

How do you know if the mattress is wide enough?

The way to estimate how wide a mattress you need is to spread out your elbows and measure the distance between them. If you sleep with a partner, add the lengths of spread elbows of each of you. This will give you enough space to turn and spread comfortably.

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