A well maintained divan bed in a room

How to care for your divan bed base

Divan bed maintenance tips

Here are three quick tips on how to care for a divan bed base. Check what to do before you start using your new divan, and how to clean it.

Before you start using your divan

Remove the plastic wrapping and let the air to your divan. If your divan bed base comes in any sort of plastic covers, never leave them on to avoid condensation inside which may lead to molding on your divan. 

Cleaning a divan bed base

When you’ve decided to spring clean your bedroom, you want to refresh your divan as well. Remove all the bedding and mattress protector first. 

You can hoover your divan with a soft brush end of your vacuum cleaner. 

If there are any stains, use a slightly soft damp cloth and soapy water to clean those. Solutions of baking soda and lemon juice also work well to clean upholstered furniture. Never use a very wet cloth, as your divan will be difficult to dry.  

Avoid overloading

And one extra maintenance tip: if your divan has drawers to keep it in a good condition, avoid overloading the drawers. 

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