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How to Stop Snoring Naturally

How to stop snoring naturally

Free Yourself from Snoring: Easy Natural Home Methods to Stop Snoring

To find the best home solution to stop snoring naturally, first you need to identify the reason why you snore. Once you’ve understood why you snore, you can look into how you can help yourself. There are currently many devices on the market which can monitor your sleep as well as various snore stoppers. But gadgets eliminating snoring are not the only answer. Let’s look into the ways to stop snoring at night naturally.

Before we start, please note that this article isn’t a medical advice and is meant to provide educational content only. We encourage seeking professional help if you think you may have a medical issue.

Below are 8 no-cost ways to stop snoring naturally

Change your position

First natural way to stop snoring is to try sleeping on your side, not on the back.


If you use big pillows, start using smaller or no pillows at all. Big pillows can be not-so-obvious reason for snoring, which is also related to the position in which you sleep.

Raise your bed

Raising the head and positioning your torso higher can help you reduce snoring. It can be as simple as placing something under the legs of the head of the bed, for example a piece of wood.

Don’t drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol in the evening has effects similar to smoking, as it relaxes the muscles.

Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes before bed causes throat relaxation and is a common reason for snoring.

Only light suppers

Consuming large meals prior to going to bed will certainly increase muscle loosening, so have only light suppers.

Lose weight

If the reason of snoring is being obese or being overweight, the obvious solution to the issue is losing weight, however difficult it may seem. By slimming down, you can reduce your snoring or stop completely.


If you are on a medication reducing muscle spasms, twitching or even pain relivers, look into changing the treatment or consider stopping it. This will obviously depend on your circumstances, as you may not be able to eliminate the medication you are on.

So these are the basic natural home methods that can help you stop snoring without any special devices.

Do you know any other natural solutions or remedies which help to stop snoring? Share in the comments below!


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