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Are Silentnight mattresses better? 

Silentnight is a well known mattress maker and a leading innovator. Silentnight Miracoil® is a unique zoned spring system technology, which provides no roll together for less partner disturbance as well as excellent pressure relief and support. All these at extremely competitive prices  and heir products are tested to full British standards.

What is unique about Miracoil® mattresses?

Silentnight Miracoil® mattresses features

More personal sleep space

Miracoil mattresses don’t have all the issues which other mattresses may have: wobbling, collapsing or bulging. They use the whole surface of your mattress right to the edge which gives you even 25% more sleep space.

Pressure relief

Your body has different weight in different areas, hence the pressure is unequal. E.g. the shoulders and hips experience more pressure than your feet when you are lying down. The Miracoil springing system spreads your body weight evenly, so you won’t feel more pressure in the heavier parts of your body. 

Silentnight Cirrus Airflow

If you are getting too hot at night, Cirrus Airflow is a solution to overheating. It contains a breathable fibre allowing excess heat and humidity to escape. Moreover, unlike standard polyester or cotton it doesn’t absorb moisture.

Body moulding memory foam 

Silentnight’s body moulding memory foam gives you a pressure relief as it spreads rather than sinks. It also has a quicker recovery time to offer more stable support.

Hypo-Allergenic Natural Latex

This is a great feature for allergy sufferers.

Lower Back Support

If you are suffering lower back pain, Miracoil spring system has firmer springing in the middle of the mattress, providing greater support to the lower back. 

Memory Breathe

This feature is available in the Silentnight’s Miracoil 7 range. If you tend to feel too hot in bed, but would like to go for memory foam then the Memory Breathe is a great option for you. It includes the qualities of body moulding foam and is specially aerated to allow good airflow. 

Innergetic Latex

Silentnight’s Innergetic Latex, contains 1000’s of energy giving bubbles. It has unique elasticity for a natural bounce, that helps you move freely for healthy sleep. It provides instant pressure relief and comfort for refreshing rest. 

Silentnight Cool Gel Rolled Mattress 

Two Spring Layers

Silentnight’s mini pocket springs are one third the size of normal ones and therefore offer luxurious support. They can be used with the main Miracoil spring system to create a unique combination of durability and comfort. 

No Need to Turn

Silentnight’s unique manufacture of the Miracoil 3 and Miracoil 7 mattress ranges means many of their mattresses don’t need to be turned over too often, making the mattress maintenance easier. However, an occasional rotation of the mattress is still recommended.

And finally, they unique Miracoil® springing system


What is Miracoil® springing no roll together?

What sets Silentnight products apart is their unique spring system, known as Miracoil®. It offers a no roll together feature for minimal partner disturbance so you can enjoy a deep night sleep

Silentnight Mattress – 2800 Pocket Springs Memory Foam Top 

How does Miracoil® springing  work? 

Silentnight’s spring system runs from head to bottom, so any movement runs up and down the mattress, and doesn’t run up to your partner’s side. This means that each of you have individual sleep zones. Thanks to this you won’t disturb each other and you won’t roll together. 

What is Miracoil® 3 mattress?

Miracoil 3 is one of the most popular mattresses in the UK. It gives you zoned support and reliefs back pressure allowing a better sleeping experience. The mattress has a softer zone at the top and bottom and a firmer zone in the middle, where your body weight is heavier. The edge to edge support system provides a larger sleeping area and individual sleep zones on both sides for undisturbed sleep.

What is Miracoil® 3 pocket mattress?

The Mini Pocket Springs system has an increased number of springs in the mattress. It’s a way to combine luxurious comfort and firmer support.  

What is Miracoil® 7 mattress?

Miracoil® 7 is the Silentnight’s advanced sleep system. It gives you all the benefits of a luxurious comfort, no roll together feature and it’s enhanced by extra four zones providing a more sensitive support to the shoulders, neck and hips. Miracoil® 7 also has a mini pocket springs version for even more pleasant experience. 

Silentnight Miracoil Luxury Pillowtop Mattress,  Zoned Support, Hypoallergenic

Silentnight Mattress – 2800 Pocket Springs Memory Foam Top 

Frequently asked question about Silentnight mattresses answered


What is Miracoil?

The  Miracoil spring system is manufactured from one continuous spring. 

This type of mattress is great for couples, it gives you and your partner the support needed and works well where there are significant differences in the body size and weight. There are various types of top layers in Miracoil mattresses which offer a wide range of firmness and comfort levels.


What is Miratex?

Miratex foam mattresses can mould to the shape and contours of your body providing the right support and comfort. Here is an example of a Miratex 7 zoned support system mattress. 


What is Miragel?

Miragel is a mattress with seasonal sleeping sides – a cool side for summer and a warm side for winter. 


What is Mirapocket?

Mirapocket mattresses combine the Miracoil spring system with mini pocket springs.

Mirapocket blends together traditional bed-making techniques with new technology, it creates a two-layer spring combination for a luxurious comfort in support. Miracoil mattresses contain springs that provide support in the pressure points, where your body needs it most and another layer of hand crafted pocket springs that individually cushion you as you lay for extra comfort.  

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