Choose your new recliner to enjoy the comfort and style you love.  From manual recliners to electric recliners,  soft leather or gentle feel fabrics, find the best recliner to meet your needs and match your taste. 


What is a recliner?

A recliner is a chair (or sofa) with adjustable back and footrest. 


Types of recliners 

The most popular types or recliners include:

  • wing chairs
  • settees and sofas
  • recliner chairs

Recliners are used by those who are looking for a consistent comfort and support, e.g. cinema-like experience at home or people with mobility issues. A great benefit of using a recliner is that it can take the pressure off your back or joints. Apart from tha, some recliners include features such as heating or massage options.

Examples of recliners

Recliner Wing Chair

Electric Massage Recliner Chair

3-Seat Recliner Sofa

Recliner Sofa

Recliner features 

What to look at when choosing a recliner?

Your recliner choice will depend on whether you prioritise comfort or mobility. 

The recliner mechanism

There are different ways in which recliners are operated: manual, powered recliners, single motor electric recliners and dual motor electric recliners. 

The ease of operation

Smooth recliner operation is key for your user experience. You should be able to position your recliner with the minimum of effort. 

The number of positions

Another feature to look at is the number of possible positions in which you can use the recliner. Some recliners have a near-infinite number of comfortable recline positions, some just a few, but it’s your individual preference how many you need and will satisfy your needs and comfort requirements.


Many users choose recliners which provide ample lumbar support for the lower back and thigh support for the backs of the legs. It’s also worth considering whether the recliner has back high enough to fully support the head when used in all the recline positions.

Top recliner brands

 The established top sellers of recliners include:

More recliner options:

Manual or Powered Recliners

Lift and Rise Electric Recliners